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    Zhejiang Aofutuo Chemical Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Bi-Jing Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. are going to work with other fertilizer enterprises to find the way to use nitrogen fertilizer efficiently.

    Zhejiang Aofutuo Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. As a leading researching, developing, manufacturing and supplying company in the global market for agricultural chemicals, we now are the biggest manufacturer of nitrapyrin (One of the best fertilizer synergists in the world), and our long-term partners include the world's top-500 giants in agricultural chemical industry. Moreover, all our main products rank the leading position in the world. 

    Shanghai Bi-Jing Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and High efficient utilization research and development center of Nitrogen of Zhejiang province are the wholly-owned subsidiaries of our company.

    Our company independently developed the world's leading NMAX nitrogen fertilizer synergist in 2007: from production synthesis to agricultural application, we have received four invention patents, one invention patent of Germany and two patents for utility model.

    From 2007 to 2014, we have been working with a number of institutes and universities (The Nanjing Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Agricultural University, Zhejiang University and Shihezi University) on the comprehensive researches of NMAX, including NMAX's mechanism, mechanism of yield increase, nitrate leaching, greenhouse gas emission reduction, reducing the stress effects of soil salinity on plants, reducing the nitrate and nitrite content in crops, metabolic process and final products, residues and soil microbial risk assessment, etc. Moreover, we have cooperated with the fertilizer section and water-saving section of agricultural technology promotion center of ministry of agriculture for four years, and performed the field trials and demonstrations in dozens of provinces of China. Finally, we successfully obtained the first registration certification of Nitrogen fertilizer synergistic additive from the certification center of ministry of agriculture in 2012, and then established the status of NMAX in the application of agriculture.

    NMAX was listed in new product trial production projects and major technical projects of Zhejiang province in 2009 and the major scientific research supporting projects of twelfth five-year program of China in 2012. It was approved as the national torch plan project in 2013.

    Now, our products have been exported to Europe, USA and the Middle East etc., and NMAX series enjoys good reputation in the major agricultural regions of China.

    We will be consistently engaged in the operational principle of “Taking technology as guidance, Pursuing Existence on Quality, Pursuing Development on Credit", and look forward to cooperating with friends all around the world for the development of low carbon industry and establishment of a clear and blue sky!